Terms Of Use

A. Defined Terms


  • The "Agreement" refers to the completed application form, its attachment(s), and the terms and conditions outlined here. It is considered executed in India. These Terms of Use establish a binding agreement between you and Job India (Jobindia.io) regarding your use of the website www.jobindia.io (the "Site") and any services provided by the company, including content delivery through the Site or other devices (the "Service"). 

By accessing the Site or Service and clicking "I agree," you are bound by these Terms. You confirm that you are at least 18 years old and capable of complying with these Terms. Users under 18 years may use the Service with the involvement of their parents or legal guardians. Prior to uploading any content or using the site's services, you agree to register and provide your complete name, age, email address, residential address, and contact number.

The terms "User" or "You" refer to any individual who uses or accesses the Company's site to host, publish, share, transact, display, or upload information or opinions. This includes other individuals who actively participate in using the Company's site.

  • The term "Company" refers to Job India, an established entity operating under the Companies Act, 1956, with its dedicated website unit at Jobindia.io.
  • The "Date of Commencement" refers to the date when the user's application for the service is accepted. The company will inform the user about this date through either email or traditional mail.
  • The "Date of Termination" refers to the expiration date indicated in the termination notice or letter.
  • The "Product Catalog" includes up-to-date information and descriptions of the services offered by the Company, which can be found in written form or on the Jobindia.io website.
  • "Registration Data" refers to the comprehensive collection of details and information provided by the User during the initial application and subscription process. This includes the User's name, telephone number, mailing address, account details, and email address, among other relevant information.
  • The use of masculine terms encompasses both feminine and singular terms including the plural, and vice versa, as context permits or necessitates. Additionally, terms referring to persons include individuals, both corporate and unincorporated bodies.
  • The term "Services" refers to the facilities provided by the Company to the users of Jobindia.io, which encompass the following provisions:
    • Our service assists users in posting their resumes or curriculum vitae to aid in their job search.
    • We offer a service for users who want to place a print advertisement in any publication or periodical.
    • We offer a service for users who want to place advertisements on Jobindia.io.
    • We provide a service for users who want to receive advertisements and promotional messages on our website www.jobindia.io and via email.
  • The website "Jobindia.io" refers to the official online platform of the Company located at www.jobindia.io
  • The term "User" refers to individuals or entities, including job seekers, employers, recruitment agencies, or anyone utilizing the Company's services, whether registered on www.jobindia.io or not. It also encompasses their successors and permitted assignees.


B. Service Commencement


  • The Service will be considered as started from the Date of Commencement.
  • Jobindia.io provides its services exclusively to individuals and organizations capable of entering into legally binding contracts as per applicable law.


C. Subscription Fees


  • The Subscription Fees will be charged based on the applicable rate for the Services mentioned in the Product Catalog or as determined by the Company periodically.
  • The responsibility for paying the Subscription Fees will begin from the Date of Commencement.
  • This clause shall not apply to individual users accessing or posting information on Jobindia.io for employment purposes.


D. Payment


  • The Subscription Fee should be paid within the specified time mentioned in the Company's invoice(s) issued to the User.
  • Jobindia.io has a strict no refund policy. Payments made for products and services are non-refundable. Any issues with products or services will be resolved through necessary corrections or compensatory measures as per company policies. Service buyers acknowledge that no refund claims can be made for service orders placed with Jobindia.io.
  • If the User fails to make payment within the specified time frame, the Company reserves the right to apply interest charges on the outstanding amount. Interest will be calculated from the due date until the final payment is made by the User, at a rate determined by the Company.


E. Cancellation


Jobindia.io retains the sole authority to cancel and prevent the publication or display of any content on its website or through any other means.


F. The User's/Subscriber's Obligation


  • The User is solely responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the Registration Data provided to the Company during the initial application for the Service.
  • By posting a job listing on the company's website, the User acknowledges and assures that they have obtained all required licenses and permits. The User agrees to hold the company harmless and take responsibility for any demands, claims, or damages that may arise from the job posting.
  • The User is responsible for obtaining any necessary licenses, permits, consents, approvals, intellectual property rights, or other required rights for using the Service, at their own expense.
  • The User is responsible for complying with all notices and instructions provided by the Company periodically to facilitate the use of the Service.
  • By using the Jobindia.io service, the User acknowledges and accepts responsibility for payment of any applicable taxes and all associated costs incurred during their usage of the platform.
  • The User bears full responsibility for all information they access, store, and transmit through the Service.
  • The User acknowledges and accepts the obligation to always adhere to the provisions of the Information Technology Act 2000, including all associated rules, regulations, guidelines, bye-laws, and notifications.
  • By using this platform, the User acknowledges and agrees that the Company has fully complied with the provisions of the Information Technology Act 2000, including all associated rules, regulations, guidelines, bye-laws, and notifications.
  • The User is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their password and user identification. They must not disclose this information to anyone and are accountable for all activities and transmissions carried out using their user identification.
  • If the User becomes aware of any unauthorized use of their account or any security breach, they must promptly inform the Company.
  • The User is required to make prompt payment of the Subscription Fees to the Company when it becomes due.
  • The responsibility lies with the user to set up and configure their equipment for accessing any service.
  • Job India (Jobindia.io) may utilize the email address and other personally identifiable information of registered customers for sending product updates and marketing communications. To unsubscribe from these messages, simply click on the Unsubscribe link in any email received or adjust the communications settings. Your email address or mobile number may still be used to notify you about important administrative or operational updates.
  • During the transmission of text messages through the mobile service provider's server for SMS services, the user's mobile phone number will be utilized.
  • Once sent for SMS services, the user acknowledges that the SMS and its contents are considered final and cannot be withdrawn, altered, or retrieved under any circumstances.
  • The SMS service must adhere to the guidelines and directions provided by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India or any relevant statutory authority, as updated periodically.
  • By opting for SMS-based services, the User consents to receiving phone calls, messages, and more from Job India and/or its associates, customized to offer enhanced job opportunities.
  • By using Job India's services, the user consents to receiving occasional communications from Job India, registered employers/recruiters, or affiliated entities. These communications may include updates, offers, information, and promotions related to job opportunities and related services. Communication may occur via landline, mobile, or other available means.
  • Once you opt-in, Job India and its recruiting partners will send you SMS updates regarding jobs and career opportunities.
  • If the user prefers not to receive SMS alerts from recruiters or employers, they can opt out by adjusting their settings in the "Edit Personal Profile" section.
  • Jobindia.io reserves the right to edit, modify, or alter the content as deemed necessary. Any changes made by Jobindia.io will be visible after 48 hours. Users are required to comply with the 48-hour processing period for their content to be updated.
  • The Company shall be held harmless by the User for any actions or claims made by third parties arising from any information posted on the site, whether by the User or on their behalf by someone else.


G. Prohibited Actions


  • The user is prohibited from granting access to the Service to anyone other than the authorized individual(s) specified in the Order form.
  • The User agrees not to resell or transfer their rights or obligations stated in these Terms & Conditions. Additionally, the User acknowledges not to engage in any unauthorized commercial activities using the Service.
  • The Service should be utilized by the User solely for its intended purpose as subscribed.
  • The User must adhere to all relevant laws of India pertaining to the Services, ensuring compliance and refraining from any actions that violate these laws or associated regulations.
  • The User is prohibited from printing, downloading, duplicating, copying, deleting, modifying, or using any data or personal information posted by other Users on Jobindia.io, except for their own posted data and information.
  • The uploading of multiple resumes from the same User/Individual using the same or different accounts is strictly prohibited. The Company retains the right to remove any or all such resumes without prior notification.
  • Without the prior written approval of the Company, the User is prohibited from sharing the Service with any individual.
  • The Service must not be used by the User for any illegal activities, including but not limited to criminal purposes.
  • The usage of the Service is prohibited for transmitting or receiving any messages that are offensive based on moral, religious, racial, or political criteria, or contain abusive, indecent, obscene, defamatory, or threatening content.
  • The User is not allowed to continuously send messages or make posts on Jobindia.io to any User or third party accessing Jobindia.io without a valid reason, or with the intention of threatening, harassing, annoying, causing anxiety, or inconveniencing any person.
  • The User must refrain from violating the intellectual property rights of any individual and from intentionally storing information in any computer system or other means for such purposes.
  • By agreeing to this agreement, the user grants the company a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, irrevocable, and sub-licensable right to exercise copyright and publicity rights over the material or user data displayed in their listings. "User Data" refers to all information submitted by the user, excluding sensitive data such as trading data or financial information. The user data is considered the property of the company, and the user must ensure its accuracy and completeness.
  • The user acknowledges and agrees to only utilize the provided information for the purpose of fulfilling their involvement in Jobindia.io transactions, refraining from any unauthorized use of others' information.
  • The User is prohibited from violating or attempting to violate the security of Jobindia.io and its linked websites. Unauthorized access to private information of other Users or individuals, including unauthorized data access or logging into unauthorized servers or accounts, probing, scanning, or testing system vulnerabilities, or attempting to breach security or authentication is strictly prohibited.


  • Prohibited Activities:


By using the Site, you acknowledge and agree not to host, display, upload, modify, publish, transmit, update, or share any information that

    1. belongs to someone else and to which you have no rightful ownership;
    2. is highly damaging, harassing, defamatory, offensive, obscene, pornographic, pedophilic, libelous, invasive of someone's privacy, hateful, or racially, ethnically offensive, derogatory, promoting money laundering or gambling, or in any other way illegal.
    3. cause any harm to minors;
    4. violates patents, trademarks, copyrights, or other proprietary rights;
    5. contravenes any currently applicable law;
    6. provides false origin information or conveys highly offensive or threatening content to the recipient;
    7. assume the identity of someone else;
    8. is prohibited to include software viruses or any other computer code, files, or programs that are intended to disrupt, damage, or restrict the functionality of any computer resource;
    9. endangers the unity, integrity, defense, security, or sovereignty of India, disrupts friendly relations with foreign states, disturbs public order, incites the commission of a crime, obstructs criminal investigations, or shows disrespect towards any other nation;
    10. if any content or comments/information you upload on the site violates the Information Technology Act, 2000, rules, regulations, guidelines, user agreement, or privacy policy, the Company may terminate your access to the Services/Site and remove/disable the non-compliant information. The Company reserves the right to take legal action as permitted by law;
    11. if users fail to comply with the above-mentioned conditions, their access to the site will be promptly terminated;
    12. if the User violates any of the mentioned covenants, the Company may delete any related material without prior notice. A warning will be issued to discontinue the prohibited activity, and if the User persists, the Company can suspend or deactivate their access to Jobindia.io and forfeit any payments made. The Company also reserves the right to pursue legal remedies to recover losses and protect its reputation;
    13. users of Jobindia.io or any related site are expected to use the platform solely for lawful purposes. Prohibited activities include the transmission, distribution, or storage of material that violates local, state, central, or foreign laws. This includes unauthorized use of protected intellectual property, obscene or defamatory content, illegal threats, privacy violations, and breaches of export control laws. Users are allowed to utilize the site's information to facilitate Jobindia.io transactions within the necessary scope;
    14. charging candidates any fees for processing their job applications available on Jobindia.io is strictly prohibited for the user;
    15. making any claim or false representation, such as stating "Job India is our Labor Consultant," is strictly prohibited for the user and any third parties;
    16. Jobindia.io firmly condemns the practice of SPAM, which inundated the Internet with unwanted and unsolicited emails, negatively impacting the performance and availability of our service. We strictly prohibit all forms of SPAM and any activities that aid in its facilitation;
    17. at Jobindia.io, it is strictly prohibited to employ any Internet service to generate SPAM messages aimed at directing traffic to your website hosted on or through our systems. This applies regardless of whether the messages were initiated by you, under your supervision, or by a third party, whether related or unrelated.


H. Confidentiality and Security


  • The user must take necessary steps, such as changing their password periodically, to safeguard the confidentiality of their user ID and password. They should refrain from sharing this information with anyone else.
  • To access the Service, users must have their own unique user identification. It is important that each user only uses their own identification.
  • The User acknowledges that they do not have any ownership rights to mailbox numbers, user identifications, circuit references, or any assigned codes by the Company. The User also agrees that the Company can modify or reassign these at its discretion, without being held responsible for any damages, relief, or other consequences to the User.
  • If the user experiences theft, loss, or unauthorized access to their identification, password, or security word, they must promptly inform the company by email and submit a written notice. The user is responsible for any unauthorized use of the services until the company is notified.
  • The customer should only use the provided username and password for the designated organization and its employees. It is the user's responsibility to safeguard against unauthorized access or disclosure of their login credentials provided by the company.
  • Downloading or extracting resumes from Job India's database, whether in full or in part, using automated software, is strictly prohibited without prior written consent from Job India.


I. Maintenance


The Company reserves the right to deactivate or suspend the User's access to Jobindia.io and/or the Services, without notice, for system maintenance, upgrades, testing, repairs, or other related work. The User acknowledges that the Company will not be responsible for any loss, damage, costs, or expenses incurred during such deactivation or suspension, and no fees or charges will be deducted or refunded.


J. Termination


The Company reserves the right to terminate this Agreement instantly, without providing prior notice or giving any reasons, while still retaining all other rights, in the following circumstances:

  • When the user's engagement period with the Company comes to an end.
  • If the Company determines that the User has violated any terms and conditions stated in this agreement or the signed Order form.
  • If, in the view of the Company and/or any regulatory authority, it is deemed against the public interest to continue offering the Service to the User for any reason and/or
  • In the event that the User is declared bankrupt or enters into any compromise or arrangement with its creditors.
  • In accordance with the mutually agreed-upon terms set forth in writing.


K. Liabilities Upon Termination


  • In the event of termination as described in section J above, the Company reserves the right to seek any other available remedies. The User will remain responsible for any Subscription Fees owed up to the Date of Termination.
  • The User must settle all outstanding amounts owed to the Company within 30 days from the Date of Termination.


L. Suspension of Service


  • In the event that the User fails to make the required payment to the Company by the specified due date, the Company reserves the right to temporarily suspend the Service provided to the User, without affecting any other available rights or remedies.
  • Regardless of the suspension of the subscribed service, the User remains responsible for all charges and fees associated with the service, without exception.
  • Once the User pays the required amount as requested by the Company, the Company has the option to, at its discretion and under appropriate terms, restore the Service.


M. Violations of Terms & Conditions


In the event that a violation of the Terms & Conditions is identified, Jobindia.io has the authority to take appropriate action. This may include promptly removing offending material, terminating the User's account, and excluding individuals who have violated the Terms & Conditions. Jobindia.io may also pursue legal remedies against violators under relevant laws. Cooperation with investigations by relevant authorities is mandatory, without prior notice to the User. Jobindia.io may take necessary actions to minimize its liability, including the disclosure of User information. Ultimately, Jobindia.io reserves the right to refuse service, remove listings or advertisements, without notice, and for any reason.


N. Disclaimer


  • By using the service, the user acknowledges and accepts that they assume all risks associated with it. The service is provided "as is" and "as available." Jobindia.io explicitly disclaims all warranties, whether express or implied, including merchantability, fitness for a specific purpose, and non-infringement.
  • By accessing our platform, the User acknowledges and accepts that all job listings are authentic and currently available at the time of posting.
  • Once a resume is sent to the consultants' database through Resume Zapper services, it cannot be refunded, and the payment made for the service is non-refundable.
  • The user does not possess the right to request information regarding the organization/consultants to whom the resume has been sent.
  • The company does not provide any guarantees or warranties regarding the response or satisfaction when uploading a resume on Jobindia.io or sending it to consultants.
  • For Magic Resume, the User must respond to queries within 7 days. Failure to do so will release the Company from any obligations mentioned herein, if applicable.
  • Jobindia.io does not guarantee that the service will meet user requirements, be uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error-free. Jobindia.io also does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of information obtained from the service. Cancellations and alterations require a written application for processing.
  • The Company does not provide any explicit or implied representations or warranties regarding the accuracy and quality of information obtained through the use of the Services or Jobindia.io.
  • The Company is not responsible for any information disclosure or inaccuracies in the User's account. Moreover, the Company will not be held liable for any losses or damages resulting from such disclosure, whether intentional or unintentional.
  • The Company shall not be held liable for any loss of information, regardless of the cause, including disruptions in service or service suspension/termination. Additionally, the Company is not responsible for the accuracy, quality, or content of any information transmitted through its services.
  • Jobindia.io accepts all information in good faith, but does not take responsibility for the authenticity of user data. We do not guarantee interviews or engage in correspondence regarding published information.
  • The User is responsible for adhering to all applicable laws, rules, and regulations while using the Service. The User must comply with these requirements regarding the use of systems, services, or equipment. The Company will not be held liable for any default or non-compliance by the User in this regard.
  • The Company cannot guarantee that Jobindia.io or any linked websites will be free from operational hazards, errors, viruses, worms, or any other harmful components.
  • The Company does not exercise control or edit any data or content transmitted through Jobindia.io. Users acknowledge that the Company can refuse, suspend, delete, or amend artwork, materials, and information to comply with legal and moral obligations and avoid infringing third-party rights and standards.
  • Jobindia.io does not engage in transactions between users. Users should be aware of potential risks when dealing with others. The company acts as a venue and does not screen or control listings or user behavior. Jobindia.io cannot guarantee transaction completion or assume responsibility for user comments. Users must exercise caution in their interactions on the site. Jobindia.io does not take responsibility for user comments and will only remove or edit them at its discretion.
  • The Company's services mentioned herein do not establish any agency relationship, whether explicitly or implicitly, between the user and the Company.
  • Users/participants acknowledge that Jobindia.io holds no responsibility to mediate any disputes that may arise on the site. If a user has a dispute with another user or participant, they agree not to make any claims or demands against Jobindia.io, its officers, employees, agents, or successors, regardless of the nature or circumstances of the dispute.
  • By using the service, the User acknowledges and accepts that they assume full responsibility for any information, materials, goods, or services obtained. Any transactions carried out are at the User's own discretion and risk, and they shall be liable for any damages, costs, or other consequences that may arise as a result.
  • The User acknowledges that Jobindia.io does not provide any warranty or guarantee, whether explicit or implied, regarding the advice or information obtained through the service, whether in written or oral form.
  • In any situation, the Company's liability under this Agreement is limited to the total fees or charges paid by the User to the Company for the two (2) months immediately preceding the incident that caused the claim.
  • The Company wants to inform all Users that any links to third-party websites on Jobindia.io do not hold the Company responsible or liable. The Company explicitly excludes any obligation related to such third-party links.
  • Jobindia.io reserves the right to apply terms and conditions to its advertisements. Advertisers are solely responsible for ensuring their materials comply with relevant laws. The company is not liable for any errors or omissions in the submitted material, but retains the right to modify or remove any advertisement as deemed necessary.
  • The Company's decision on all transactions made through the SMS service is deemed final and binding. No further correspondence will be considered in relation to this matter.
  • The Company relies on the Operator who owns the network and technical infrastructure for SMS services. The Company is not responsible for any network or message transmission failures that may occur.
  • The SMS service is currently available exclusively in India.


O. Limitation of Liability


  • User acknowledges that neither Jobindia.io nor its information providers shall be held liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential, or exemplary damages. This includes damages resulting from the use or inability to use the service, procurement of substitute goods or services, goods, data, information, services purchased or obtained, messages received, transactions entered into, unauthorized access or alteration of transmissions or data, or any other matter related to the service. User understands that Jobindia.io is not responsible for interruption, suspension, or termination of service, and that Jobindia.io's liability is limited to the amount paid by the User, if any.
  • The Company holds no responsibility or liability for any service shortages or non-fulfillment on Jobindia.io or related sites caused by technical failures or malfunctions. In such situations, the User agrees not to make any claims or seek damages against the Company for service deficiencies under the Consumer Protection Act or any other applicable laws or rules.


P. Use of Supplied Information/Data


By accepting these terms, the User grants the Company full and irreversible authorization to:


  • Enable paid clients of the company to access and contact the user's resume through various available means.
  • The company may utilize any data or information provided by the user for its own purposes, and may also share such information with associated companies or selected third parties.
  • The Company will securely store and maintain all user data and information provided during the use of the Service. This applies even in the event of Agreement termination or Service suspension. Unless stated otherwise in writing, all data and information will remain the exclusive property of the Company indefinitely.
  • The company, along with its affiliated partners, employers, or recruiters, may contact the user through various means to provide information about events, offers, job opportunities, and additional services. The user acknowledges that such communication will not be considered unsolicited and may occur even if their number is listed on the Do Not Call (DNC) list or National Customer Preference Register (NCPR).


Q. Indemnity


The User agrees to defend and, if necessary, settle any third-party lawsuits or claims against the Company related to User Content, Site, User features, or the User's use of the Services. The Company's use of User Content must comply with the Agreement. The User must promptly inform the Company of any claims and provide assistance in defending them. The Company has control over the defense and settlement of such claims. The User will indemnify and hold harmless the Company from any claims or damages arising from their use of the platform. Indemnification is limited to approved settlement costs or awarded damages.


R. Confidentiality


  • For the purpose of this Agreement and its attachments, 'Confidential Information' refers to any financial, commercial, technical, operational, staff, management, or other information, data, and know-how related to the Project, the Company, or any affiliated companies. This includes products and services, assets, customers, databases, suppliers, and employees. Such information, whether communicated orally or in writing, is considered confidential or proprietary, not publicly available.
  • The Receiving Party is obligated to maintain the confidentiality of the Confidential Information and refrain from disclosing it to any third party, except for their Associates, with prior written permission from the Disclosing Party. The Receiving Party must take necessary precautions to protect the confidential information from third parties and ensure that their Associates abide by the terms of the Agreement. The Proprietary Information should be kept separate and secure at the Receiving Party's usual place of business or residence.
  • The User is prohibited from using, reproducing, transforming, or storing the Proprietary Information without prior written permission from the Company, except when required by law or legal process issued by a court or regulatory body.
  • Upon request by the Disclosing Party, the Receiving Party shall return all original documents, records, data, and materials containing the Proprietary Information. The confidentiality obligations remain in effect even after termination of this Agreement.
  • By submitting information and data, the User acknowledges that it becomes the property of the Company. Rest assured, we maintain strict confidentiality and will not disclose any such data to third parties without the User's prior consent, except in cases of violation of the Terms & Conditions.
  • Subject to identity verification, the user can access and manage their own data stored in the Jobindia.io database. They have the freedom to edit or update this information as needed.
  • The User assumes all risks and discretion when voluntarily disclosing confidential information, such as name and email address, in chat and bulletin board areas. Jobindia.io is not responsible for any misuse or unsolicited messages resulting from third-party collection of such information, as it is beyond our control and liability.
  • The Company retains all intellectual property rights to the Service and Jobindia.io, including copyright, know-how, and related rights. Any content contributed by the User becomes the exclusive property of the Company. Unauthorized use of this intellectual property is considered infringement and may result in legal action, with costs borne by the User.


S. Personal Information from Facebook


  • Global Connect services offered by Jobindia.io allow users to link their social networking sites such as Facebook to their resumes. Users can showcase their video or audio resume samples, work samples, achievements, blogs, and even add instant messengers. This helps in authenticating their educational and professional credentials. It's important to note that linking to other websites or resources on the internet carries risks and should be done at the user's own discretion. The Company/Jobindia.io does not have control over the content, functions, accuracy, legality, or appropriateness of these third-party websites. Any inclusion of links to the Site on other websites does not imply endorsement or affiliation. Users acknowledge that the Company/Jobindia.io is not liable for any damages related to the use of content, goods, or services on third-party websites.
  • By connecting to Jobindia.io through your Facebook Account, you will be prompted to voluntarily share information as described in more detail regarding your Facebook profile.
  • By using Facebook, you acknowledge and agree that your relationship with Facebook is governed by its Data Use Policy, Terms, Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, Platform Principles, and other policies. The Company has no control over Facebook's handling of your information. We advise you to review and understand Facebook's statements, policies, and principles before using Global Connect service.
  • By using the Global connect service, you authorize Jobindia.io to collect, cache, and utilize the information provided by Facebook. This information will be used to establish your Registration Data on Jobindia.io and enhance our Services to you. Please note that your Facebook privacy and application settings may impact the information shared. For more information on controlling these settings, please refer to Facebook's guidelines.


  • Using Global Connect to Gather Information:


By using the Global Connect service, you acknowledge that certain Facebook information is shared with Jobindia.io and its community members. When you initially connect via Facebook, you are prompted to share specific information. Jobindia.io will access and utilize this information based on your Facebook settings for your benefit. The following Facebook Information may be subject to revision without prior notice:


    • General Information: name, profile picture, gender, connections and any other content that is publicly available to everyone.
    • Profile Information: current city, education history and work history.
    • Information Shared by/with You:“ current cities, education histories and work histories.
    • Contact Information: email, contact/fax numbers


  • By continuing to use Jobindia.io, you consent to the utilization of your Facebook Information for various purposes, which may include but are not limited to the following:


    • To benefit you and others by facilitating connections and sharing professional information, helping you, your friends, potential employers, and business opportunities connect and explore potential career opportunities.
    • To offer Services, its corresponding products, advantages, and associated services.
    • To tailor and focus content, services, career prospects, and advertisements, which may include location-specific content, services, opportunities, and advertisements.
    • Create, uphold, and exchange your Registration Data/profile.
    • For the purpose of user account management, communications, internal processes, and reporting.
    • Any other services or methods that are considered appropriate or introduced.


  • Professional Profile


Your Professional Profile ("Profile") serves as both your business card and resume, showcasing your expertise. Utilize your Facebook Information to create a comprehensive profile shared with other parties, users, and members. Easily manage and modify your Profile by logging into your account and following the instructions to edit your information.


  • Facebook Information Access and Control


To disconnect your existing Jobindia.io account from your Facebook account and profile, simply log in to Jobindia.io. Please note that any shared content may still be visible to others, and certain information may be retained for customer service, legal, and business purposes. Additionally, logs, demographic data, and statistical information relevant to your account may also be retained.


T. Variation


  • The Company holds the exclusive right to modify, alter, or revise the terms and conditions stated herein and in the Services Guide at any time.
  • The Agreement will be regularly updated, and the Terms and Conditions may change. The updated Agreement will be posted on Jobindia.io. Users are advised to periodically visit the site and review the latest Terms and Conditions. By continuing to use the Service, users affirm and acknowledge the amended terms and conditions.


U. Service Discontinuation or Modification


  • The Company retains the exclusive authority to modify, remove, or terminate its Service, either wholly or partially, at any time and without prior notice to the User. This may occur for various reasons, including business needs or compliance with regulatory or statutory requirements.
  • The Company holds no responsibility for any consequences arising from its decision to modify or terminate the Service, neither towards the User nor any third party.


V. Notices


All notifications must be in written form and in English. For the User, notices should be sent to the address specified on the Application Form, and for the Company, notices should be sent to the address provided for such purposes. However, invoices and payments should be directed to the Company representative. Notice is considered served once it is sent to the User's provided address.


W. Non Exclusive Remedy


The termination or expiration of this Agreement, whether in part or in full, will not prevent either party from seeking other available remedies. Both parties are still responsible for paying any outstanding fees up to the termination date. Neither party will be held liable for damages solely resulting from the termination, as allowed in this Agreement.


X. Waiver


The absence of action or enforcement by Jobindia.io regarding any right or provision in these Terms & Conditions does not waive that right or provision. If a court determines any provision in these Terms & Conditions to be invalid, the parties still agree that the court should try to uphold the parties' intentions as expressed in the provision. The remaining provisions of these Terms & Conditions will continue to be valid and enforceable.


Y. Entire Agreement


This Agreement is the final and sole agreement between the parties concerning the subject matter, replacing any previous agreements or communications. Any modifications or waivers must be in writing and executed by the Company. The Company holds the exclusive right to change or amend the Agreement.


Z. Governing Laws and Jurisdiction


  • Jobindia.io and any user of the service are not associated as an agency, partnership, joint venture, employee-employer, or franchisor-franchisee.
  • The User acknowledges that any claim or legal action linked to the use of the Service or the Terms & Conditions must be filed within 30 days from the occurrence, or it will be permanently barred, regardless of any conflicting statute or law.
  • We assure you that any information provided by the user is received in good faith and is considered genuine. We believe the information to be true, accurate, and in accordance with the applicable laws.
  • The laws of India govern this Agreement and any dispute related to the use of Jobindia.io. The User and the Company agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in India, without considering conflict of law provisions. Both User and Jobindia.io consent to the personal and exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in India.


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